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About Us


Our Mission

To create a brighter future for at-risk children by building a foundation of support through education and quality programming.

Our Story

A Brighter Community (ABC) is the oldest nonprofit preschool in Hillsborough County and has served over 9,000 low-income children and families during its 100 years of operation. We were founded in 1922 to serve children in the low-income Tampa Heights neighborhood; this remains our focus today. Research shows that receiving a high-quality early childhood education dramatically improves the odds that an economically at-risk child will succeed in school, graduate, attend college, and succeed in his or her personal and professional life. ABC’s core programs are our high-quality preschool programming and child care, where we offer daily meals, developmental evaluation programming, and family support services.


ABC's preschool fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on total family income and the number of people who live in the household, with scholarships covering the rest of a student’s tuition. We never turn a child away due to a parent's inability to pay, and many of our students receive a scholarship of some kind. Most of our students come from single-parent homes with parent(s) making under $28,000/year who have obtained a high school diploma or less. Parent(s) must be working, going to school or in a job training program for their child to receive services at ABC.


Our preschool program is accredited by The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), a rigorous voluntary national accreditation process for high-quality early childhood programs. ABC is also Gold Seal certified by the state of Florida, acknowledging that our programs meet the highest standards for childcare and supervision.

ABC Updates

Enrollment is now open!

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First Day of School

August 10, 2022

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